About Us

We are the world's largest online credit marketplace, facilitating personal loans, business loans, and financing for elective medical procedures. Borrowers access lower interest rate loans through a fast and easy online or mobile interface. Investors provide the capital to enable many of the loans in exchange for earning interest.

We operate fully online with no branch infrastructure, and use technology to lower cost and deliver an amazing experience. We pass the cost savings to borrowers in the form of lower rates and investors in the form of attractive returns. We're transforming the banking system into a frictionless, transparent and highly efficient online marketplace, helping people achieve their financial goals everyday.

What we essentially do is provide a virtual market place where borrowers and lenders can interact directly, without having to go through the traditional financial intermediaries like banks, who have become such behemoths in today's time that they dictate all terms and conditions for both borrowers and lenders.

We believe that our stringent screening criteria in selecting loan projects, our thorough due diligence, and our strong relationship with investors would help both the investors and the borrowers to seamlessly transact at the portal.




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Why Choose Us To Invest

100% Principal Assured

Monthly Payouts

Diversify your Assets

High Return on Investments

Why Choose Us To Borrow

No Prepayment Fees

Choose your Repayment Tenure

Competitive Bidding from Investors

Easy Online processing & Approval

How It Works

Register & Complete Profile

The registration process takes only few minutes, after that Both investors and borrowers need to provide their basic information along with documents.

Quick Verification

Whatever the information & documents you will be uploaded, After that we will conduct a quick verification process for both investors and borrowers.

Apply Loan

The loan application form is very simple and allows the Borrower to choose the Amount, Interest Rate and Duration. Investors place their bids on their loan.

Approval & Disbursal

Once this whole process will be completed, and the loan is approved and accepted by both investor and borrower, we will disburse your loan.

What Our Customers Say


Amazing customer service, a simple step by step system developed for average folks too, to get money who are in need. Mytrustin is loan application done right.

Arjun Reddy

I have very great experience with mytrustin, i have found the platform where so many borrowers and investors have listed on it with attractive interest rates.

Saishwar Enuganti

Mytrustin process is very much better than any bank process, its process is very simple, fast and timely. i would definitely recommend everyone who needs help.

Rajesh Rao

I am extremely pleased with the overall experience and quality of mytrustin.They are very professional and the customer service provided by them is excellent.

Gaddamanugu Rajeshwari

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