How to Invest

The registration process is quick and easy. A lender simply clicks on the Sign up icon and enters some basic information, pays the registration fees and uploads the documents required. The verification process is generally completed within one hour and the lender notified so that he/she can login and start lending immediately.

Lending Application Process :

  • Create your account by duly filling in the forms adequately
  • Fill in the lending amount, returns rate and other details in lender listing section
  • Discuss and finalize terms with your borrower, confirm loan and get EMIs

Lender Eligibility Criteria :

  • Employed and earning
  • Valid government issued identity proof
  • Valid bank account

The Bidding

Multiple lenders can bid to provide loan to the borrower at a rate of interest similar or lower than that assigned to the borrower. Even borrowers can approach multiple lenders with loan requests. The whole process works on reverse auction model. Depending on the demand and supply, Borrowers can reject an offer from a Lender or make a counter-offer. The Borrower is looking for the lowest bidder – a lender who offers to lend him funds at the lowest rate of interest. Thereon, deals are struck between the borrowers and lenders with no intervention from Mytrustin.

The Agreement

Mytrustin facilitates the signing of a legally-binding agreement between the Borrower and the Lenders. This can be signed through a manual process or through e-Sign.


Along with the agreement, borrower has to provide post-dated cheques towards EMI payments. However, in order to streamline this process, we are introducing e-Repay. In simple words, e-Repay allows borrowers to repay their EMIs online via Electronic Money Transfer and Auto-Debit facilities. This amount is collected by Mytrustin in a virtual collection account and then transferred to the Lenders Bank account.

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