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Mytrustin is one of the largest online platform bringing borrowers and investors together. We work online and utilize technology to reduce costs against the traditional banking system. We completely give the benefit of cost savings to investors and borrowers as better return and reduced rates.

In today’s environment where investments seldom generate expected returns and most of our savings placed with intermediaries like banks go into paying service charges to them, mytrustin offers a unique opportunity to lend money directly to pre-verified borrowers and earn extra income on idle money.

Mytrustin provides you a platform to directly connect with the verified borrowers and cut down the huge administrative cost passed on to you by banks in form of reduced interest rates on fixed and other deposits, charging borrowers significantly higher rate of interest and keeping the differential with them for the huge infrastructure cost, inefficiencies and huge perks drawn by their management.

Why Invest on Mytrustin

  • Get returns on idle cash
  • Earn monthly
  • Choose your borrowers
  • Creditworthy borrowers
  • Lend to multiple borrowers
  • All Access

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