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Borrowers have always been at the receiving end. Traditionally, it is the lender who decides the amount that a borrower can get as well as the rate of interest. Now, for the first time, Mytrustin empowers the borrower and makes him an equal to the lender. It is a unique P2P platform that brings potential borrowers and lenders together to facilitate their transactions.

Mytrustin has created a new way for you to borrow without the need to deal with banks. It allows people to leverage the power of social networks to get a personal loan from their needs.

Why Borrow on Mytrustin

  • For pecuniary aid
  • For an upcoming family event
  • For the renovation of your house
  • Buying a new laptop
  • Spending a vacation with the family
  • Short term working capital funding gap
  • Borrow at an interest rate lower than traditional personal loans
  • No prepayment fees
  • Choose your repayment tenor
  • Choose your interest rates
  • Your credit rating in your hand
  • Increase your score by maintaining a sound history with Mytrustin

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